Thursday, 22 November 2012

Aran Cardigan Progress

I've been raring through this pattern, after a few rookie errors with the left front the right front was easy.

Someone (who shall remain anonymous) slurred this blog recently by claiming that it is no longer quite devoted to 'simple' things.  I think they think that cable jumpers are complicated.  Allow me to disagree.  When I have finished this, I will show you these stitches, and you will see how amazingly simple knitting a jumper like this is compared to how it looks.  Admittedly, it does look pretty complicated and awesome.


  1. you do NOT have my permission to spill the beans on how easy cabling is... my reputation as a knitter will be in tatters.
    As with everything else that I do (bread and other baking, sewing, gardening), it's all a case of Success=Paying attention to the instructions. :)

  2. Well, sorry Tousa but it's too late! Actually one of these is a leetle fiddly but as with all fiddly things sufficient You Tube makes everything clear.