Sunday, 24 February 2013

Needle-Felting Disaster Rescue

Even the craftiest amongst us - perhaps especially the craftiest amongst us - make mistakes, have disasters.  I am no exception.  This little guy was a perfect, fat, fluffy, cuddly-looking polar bear until I washed him with soap and water - something which I have been told to do to my creations by the Internet.

Polar bear collapsed.  His legs no longer held his own weight properly; the joins at his hips and shoulders looked narrow and frail; he was a mess.  I had no idea what to do with him.

Then more wool arrived from the fluff emporium I order from in Yorkshire, and it was many colours!  I was inspired to make my feeble flat polar bear into a base for a happy Stegosaurus.

Happy Steggy even inspired my Man, who is usually unimpressed by my crafting, to remark 'it's like he [polar bear] is wearing a costume,' and giggle a bit.  I did leave his little legs sticking out the bottom, as it seemed too much faff to coat them in a dinosaury colour, and why shouldn't stegosauruses have white legs anyway?

Speaking of legs, as he was a dinosaur and I wanted to decorate him a bit to make him scaly, I made the effort to add some beads to his hip and shoulder-joints.

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